Apprenticeship as a merchant in a construction company.
Then worked as an event coordinator at Heineken.
After my Swiss Federal degree in Marketing, I worked in an IT company.
Before I went away to Lausanne I was working at a parking management company.
In Lausanne, I quickly began in the social sector to work.
GRAAP who gave me the opportunity to develop myself in the musical field.
Lausanne was the start of my artists life.

1991-1994 : DJ for Mobile Disco in the region of Winterthour (ZH)
2002-2014 : Progressive, Techno DJ & Parties Organisation (Z├╝rich/Lausanne)
2002 start of Dezentral -Party Organization, where I was DJ and Organisator. (after hours).
2010-2015 : DJ , Party-Organisator & Music-Producer in Lausanne.
2015: Artist

Influenced by my friends in Techno and Minimal!
I start to work with Preatorian in the early time as Artist.
Preatorian – Raindrops (OKKO remix) was the start to show my own music to the radio and trues the Netherlands. A nice start!